William Quist - the (Nybro) Viking?

The above picture is a so-called Eastern Viking. I admit up front that I have not researched whatsoever the gangsta stylings of North/South/West or Central Vikings, nor can I say what kind of widespread war and pillaging might be sparked by magically placing Oiler prospect William Quist in this shot. Nevertheless, if rumours holds true, Quist may soon join the eastside gang of Vikings in Nybro.

Nybro, located in southeastern Sweden, is home to an Allsvenska team going by the name of the Nybro Vikings. Mr. Quist grew up in the Nybro program and is from the region.

According to a recent interview conducted by CrossChecking.se's Jonas Gustavsson, William could well make a return to the Viking clan.
To quote the 18 year old:
  • They (Nybro) called today (March 7) actually. Prior to today, I had been hearing rumours about everywhere except Nybro. It feels like many of those around me are discussing it, but it was only first today that they called. Though it hasn't been any more than that. We will have to see what comes of it.

  • When asked about his short and abruptly-ended stint with Linköping HC's junior team he added:

  • It began rather messy and I didn't feel at all comfortable. I took the decision to return to Tingsryd and there I got to play at an "A" team level [professional as opposed to junior] and I must say it has worked out really well for me.

  • There is a huge difference between Division 1 [pro] and Junior20 SuperElit. Pro hockey is much more structured and organized and that has been very beneficial.

  • Gustavsson also asked Quist about what contact he has with the Oilers:

  • Yah, I do have contact and I was at their camp back in the fall.

  • Regarding his type of play:

  • I am a rather big player so I try and make use of my size. I tend to also be pretty good at finding the net [Ed.: assume this to mean both scoring and creating traffic].

  • Finally, with close ties to Nybro, Quist is also familiar with current Nybro coach Lenny Eriksson:

  • He was the head coach in Nybro during 3 years when I was younger, so I have gotten to know him a bit. He is known for pulling together a team and getting them to buy into a team system.

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    This interview scratches the surface, and is top quality "hockey player" answers.  If anything, it is yet a further element of the jigsaw puzzle that was jumbled when William Who? was selected at #157 in the 2007 draft.  

    Oilers prospects guru, Guy Flaming posted a thread over on Hockey Futures detailing a bit of insight into Quist and his contact with the Oilers organisation. Perhaps his turning point this season also came thanks to some choice words fromVP of Hockey Operations, Kevin Prendergast.

    The Oilogosphere had quite an affinity for former Djurgården and Norwegian national Patrik Thoresen. With that mighty viking now in Philadelphia Flyers silks, might it be time to proclaim a new viking warrior?

    It is far to early to give young William that type of status or moniker, but shall the Nybro Vikings be his new home, we might have added reason to believe the Oilers have a new warrior in the makings.

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