About Scouting Sweden

I really like the Swedish word lagom. It means essentially "Not too much, not too little". Just lagom.

My enthusiasm for the NHL's Edmonton Oilers is lagom, by my standards. I am very enthusiastic about the sport of ice hockey, the Oilers players, the prospects, their season, their history, etc. However, living on Central European Time, I have a hard time watching or listening to games that often occur between 3 and 6 o'clock in the morning. Instead, I have chosen a measured approach to my Oilers and follow instead often only in words (game reports, blogs, etc.) and video.

It is therein that I discovered an appreciation for the Oilogosphere (Oilers Blogs). It was the summer of 2007 and a friend was the co-author of one of the more popular blogs, at the time.

Far away from the often thoughtless idiots of call-in-radio, or the babble on HF forums, blogs were a source of intelligent commentary, statistical analysis and humour. It was new. It was unique.

I too felt unique. Lagom unique.

The local Uppsala newspaper published an interview one November day on then Oilers prospect, and local boy, Jonas Almtorp. At the time, Jonas had leapt across the pond to try his luck in the Oilers (farm) system. His leap knocked the bar off (to use another sport analogy) and into a level of professional hockey much lower than he had likely expected, that was riding busses in the ECHL.

There were a few direct quotes from Almtorp in that UNT article, and I took it upon myself to translate and share them with the Oilers faithful, or rather the Oilogosphere. And thus began my so-called blog.

I am not a scout, nor am I involved with hockey in any sense other than as a casual observer.

Living in Sweden, I simply am taking the opportunity to send reports from my unofficial outpost. I keep an eye open here and there for any of the following:
  • Oilers draft picks (present or past) playing in Sweden
  • Canadians that play in Swedish clubs
  • Interesting Swedish prospects or talents
  • The Swedish system of sport (for instance: promotion/demotion in hockey)
  • Battles between Canada and Sweden
  • Obscure Oilers connections (like my semi-invented Swedish team, The Rölers)

What is more, I love soccer (hereafter known as football - AKA: SHAKAF). Canada is not known for football prowess and the dismal performances at an international level (1986 being our lone World Cup appearance) make it difficult to be a fan of Canadian football.

Nevertheless, I am a Canadian football fan. I am a Voyageur!

Any time a Canadian international makes inroads in the sport, I like to follow them. Atiba Hutchinson as an example, got his start in the Swedish clubs Östers IF and Helsingborg IF before finding his current home in FC Copenhagen's midfield.

I also like other crazy ice sports like Bandy.

All this amounts to an attempt at blogging. I do it because I think it is fun and it is my creative outlet. If anyone reads it, great! But frankly, I do it for the love and interest of sport.

I do not post here that frequently, maybe once or twice a month, but hopefully what is posted is interesting and informative.

In lagom amounts.


Lowetide said...

Very, very cool.

Jonathan Willis said...

It's all appreciated, Jamie.

Jamie said...

I am humbled. Two comments from two heavyweights in the Oilogosphere. Thank you!