World Junior Championships 2009 Final

For the second year in a row, Canada faces Sweden in the IIHF World Junior championships.

I see it as I always see it: a no-win, both-win situation. I cheer for Canada, but am rather lonely doing it. Should Canada win, I am happy and everyone around me isn't. Should Canada loose, I am depressed while everyone around me is overjoyed. It is like deciding which is better, the plague or cholera... hard to pick sides.

Some sources are billing this as Hedman vs. Tavares. The two are supposed to be the top two picks in the upcoming 2009 NHL entry draft. Hedman is a workhorse defenseman that doesn't get a lot of glory. Tavares has FINALLY made it to the World Juniors stage.

I think the better story line is with Jakob Markström in goal. He has been most of the story for Sweden as he was for Brynäs last spring. Mattias Tedenby, New Jersey's 24th overall pick in 2008, has also had a good tournament with 5 points (1+4) in 5 games.

For Canada, Oilers draft pick Jordan Eberle was a superhero in the semifinal victory over Russia.

As often is with this level of hockey, it is extremely fun to watch. At the very least, I'll try and see the positive amongs the battle: at least someone will be happy at the end... hope it is me.
(BTW, I'm fully aware that the pic is not from the 2009 World Juniors Tournament, nor the any World Junior tournament. Ryan Smyth in a Team Canada jersey never fails to say it all though)

This blog has been really low priority for me of late. There were not many posts since the fall season began and there may not be too many in the spring either. With enough talking heads out there on the internet, I cannot see my absence being too missed.

That said, I may throw something up here now and again. Just for funzies.

Before I go though, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Linus Omark is having a spectacular season in Luleå and sits in second place in Elite Series scoring. Lowetide ranked him nr 10 among Oilers prospects and suggested he will get a call to Oilers' training camp next fall.

GOIL & GoCanada!