Living the Hockey Dream

Imagine being good enough to play semi-pro hockey as a winter hobby.

This guy, Trevor Bremner is traveling Europe with skates on his stick. Currently he is featured in Tier IV (div2) Säffle HC. Carpenter by summer and hockey vagabond by winter.

Trevor Bremner deserves an honourable mention for perseverence.


COMING SOON: my long overdue comments from the NHL game in Stockholm


Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh, game 2 - Globen

Puck drops in about 3 hours for the rematch of the Penguins vs. Senators at Stockholm's Globe Arena.

I'll be sitting in row 4, perpendicular to the goalline. If you happen to catch it on tv, I'll be the knob who showed up to a Senators vs. Penguins game wearing an Oilers jersey.


Bring in the Clowns...

The circus has arrived in Sweden, or at least that is how the headline reads in today's newspaper.

The Pittsburgh Penguins (with Sid the kid) and Ottawa Senators will play two matches Saturday and Sunday at Stockholm's Globe Arena, to open their NHL campaigns.

Starting the season 6000km from home nothing was left to chance. It has been deemed a circus perhaps because everything has been packed and brought over for the two matches.
Notwithstanding that both teams require a rider similar to that of a rock band, included in the truck load of supplies was, of all things, a bread toaster.
It is all about logistics, according to the NHL. Nothing is left to chance and thus everything is over packed. How very opulent and North American!

Despite the over packing, each team has also been provided with a so-called "locker room attendant". The LRA (roughly pronounced: lackey) is a local, who can help and assist with the basics like filling water bottles, making coffee, getting food or providing that local knowledge in case there is an emergency purchase needed.

But the idea of an emergency purchase is unlikely, consdering the rider, though one never knows.
Coffee, muffins, 2 saws, 2 files, 2 wood planes, 12 sheets of sandpaper, 24 pairs of skate laces, 600 pucks, 36 water bottles, 6 stationary bicycles, 100 packs of chewing gum, 24 soaps, 6 bottles of shampoo, 6 conditioners, 6 hair gel, 6 hair mousse, 6 hair brushes, 6 hair dryers, 6 shaving cream, 100 disposable razors, 6 bottle of after shave, 6 mouthwash, 6 deodorant, 2 baby powder, 2 Vaseline, 500 Q-tips. At each practice session there is to be 100 hand towels, 140kg of ice, an ice bath, and a hand dryer.

But wait... damn it, who brought the bread?!!